My Story


In 2012, at the age of 30, I had a hysterectomy. And in the days and months that followed that life-changing event, I blogged my thoughts and feelings. It has been messy, hard, full of tears, hormones, and trouble. But these curveballs in my journey have taught me how strong I really am. Even more than that, they’ve shown me how faithful, loving, and true Jesus really is.

Talking about my reproductive health hasn’t always been easy. Many people have many opinions from all different perspectives. These posts are just my perspective. My experiences. And I hope that if you’ve stumbled across my small slice of the internet, these words are encouraging and offer hope no matter what your struggles are.

#1: The One Where I Have a Story to Tell

#2: The One Where I Come to Terms

#3: The One With a Little Levity

#4: The One Where I Feel Less Than

#5: The One Where the End is the Beginning

#6: The One that is Normal and Pain-Free

#7: The Death of Me (Or What to Expect You Won’t Ever Be Expecting)

#8: I’m Ovary It

#9 Coming Up for Air