The Save Draft Function

Once in a while inspiration comes from some very strange places. For example, last night I was sitting on the couch, staring off into space, contemplating my blog. (Being consistently brilliant gets tiring, people. There are times I have to actually work at it. Please don’t be shocked or think less of me.) Lauryn Hill was playing in the background (Doo Wop (That Thing)), my roommates were laughing upstairs and I was off in la-la land.

I started looking at the different buttons on the Add New Post page here on WordPress and found myself fixated on the save draft button. Suddenly – a burst of light flooded me, angels started singing the Hallelujah chorus and I knew I had my blog topic. (Okay so the burst of light was someone turning on the kitchen light. And the angels singing turned out to be the harmony in the song – but the idea worked.)

I know you’re probably wondering where I could go with this. See, as I write this, WordPress is automatically saving what I’m writing. I’m thankful for that. I can come back to it later and not post it right at this minute in its infancy. This gives me the opportunity to do a myriad of things.

For instance I might start this entry then suddenly need a break because my brain has come perilously close to exploding. If that were to happen, I could click save draft, go to Starbucks and drink a tasty caramel frap. Disaster would be averted. Brain power would be mine. Order would be restored to the world:

As I started contemplating the save draft button I began wishing I had one. For my brain. Below is a screen shot of what I decided the Save Draft function looks like as a map for my brain. Are you ready to break this down? Please restrain excitement and keep your hands & arms inside the carpet as we take a look at the diagram:

Publish Screen Shot DiagramMy Brain: A Diagram

Save Draft: I feel like this could be a beneficial button to have in my brain. I’d like to recall things in a more efficient way. Not just random pop culture facts & song lyrics. (Although this can be helpful when playing games. People usually want others with vast knowledge of perfectly otherwise useless information on their teams.)

Preview: What my brain needs because I have no filter.

Status Draft Edit: This would be even better than the preview function. I mean, sure, I could actually think before I speak. However, it would be better & much more entertaining if there were a little gnome in my brain sitting at my dashboard, attempting to edit my thoughts before they launch out of my mouth. I would name him George. It would have to be a boy gnome. Boys use fewer words.

 Boy Gnome named George

(Look at him! He’s adorable!)

Visibility Public Edit: This goes hand in hand with the draft function. There are times when even I’m astonished at the ridiculous things that come out of my mouth simply because they haven’t run through the draft function. I need this. In a bad way.

Publish Immediately Edit: I strike through the edit because, as referenced above, I don’t have an edit button. Nor do I have a small boy gnome named George living in my brain editing my words. It’s very sad.

Really the reason for this blog is rooted in demonstrating how my tongue can control me. James 3 ( talks about how the tongue is like fire, used for blessing and cursing. In taking a deeper look at me, I admit more cursing comes out than blessing. While I don’t want to be obsessed with what I speak, I do want to be better at remembering how words can have a lasting effect on someone. I can still remember times in my life where I’ve received uplifting words of encouragement. And times that crippling words of cruelty were said to me. At the same time, I can remember situations when I’ve needed (and received) a good butt chewing. It wasn’t fun but it was for my benefit. In the same vein, I need to remember that I’ve had similar effects in the lives of people around me. It’s convicting and humbling.

So what about you? Does your brain look anything like the above diagram? Or are you better about contemplating what you say before speaking? Perhaps you have a boy gnome named George living in your brain, controlling your dashboard.

If you do, can I borrow him?

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