Politics, Women and the Church

From Carrie: This is a great post by Eugene Cho about the speeches rrom the RNC & DNC made by Ann Romney, Condoleezza Rice and Michelle Obama. I love how he ties it into issues of the Church, where there is a war about whether or not women can/should have a voice. Recommended reading for sure. Would love your thoughts.


Before you throw stones or want to endorse me as a candidate for the next President, just hear me out. And even if some of you strongly disagree or hate me more than you already do, just ponder the thought and question I pose on this post about the importance of having the voices of both women and men in our lives and in the larger Church.

My intent isn’t to hurt or bash the Church but as someone that loves and serves the Church, I want to see it grow deeper, more just, and more reflective of the Kingdom of God – one that fully embraces the gifts of both women and men.

So, let me set the table.

I care about politics not because I obsess over politics. Hardly.

Rather, politics is important to me because it involves policies and policies, ultimately, impact people. And the last…

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