Monday, Monday

The Doctor

I’ve had about 837 different ideas for my follow up to last week’s series. All of them have stunk. I sat sitting in my favorite Starbucks, trying to find inspiration from a variety of subjects. The kids in the corner who were playing the game “Dominion”. The turning colors of the leaves of the trees right by my window. My Vanilla Rooibos tea latte. The newest episode of Doctor Who. Going to the shooting range yesterday (which will come, just not today). It’s all been for naught.

Finally, after an awesome ninety second conversation with Barista Dan, he got me thinking. He mentioned that I should blog about something ridiculous, like a cliché. His thought was simple. Addressing the elephant in the room would set reasonable expectations for the rest of this week’s blog posts.

Let’s face it. August was traumatizing at best. And last week was the bulk of a lot of processing and thinking. It was about reconciling my new life and the price tag that new life has. It was drama and emotion and the things that soap operas are made of. Dallas has nothing on me, baby.

There is no way I’m going to be able to top that.

So I’m giving you this blog post. In my head I’m calling it “The One Where I Let You Down. Epically.” But that’s not really what this is about. (It’s really about me getting in my 1,000,000 words or my 10,000 hours of writing.) It’s about clearing my throat. Getting my head back in work mode for next week. I’m cleaning out closets and throwing away things I don’t need anymore. Both mentally and physically. I suppose you could call this my deep breath post. I know life has many more curve balls for me. This ride isn’t over. However, for this Monday, I’m going to savor the fact that I can rest just a bit longer. I’ve still got time to figure things out.

Am I alone in this? How do you decompress after something that’s big, whether joyful or painful? Where in your life do you find inspiration? How do you move forward?

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