The Simple Things

I was driving home from a minor league baseball game tonight, contemplating the vast, inky darkness of night. The air was cool with only the slightest touch of humidity making itself known. There were parents and kids playing street hockey or baseball or swinging from playground swings – tiny feet making an effort to touch the sky.

So many memories flooded back to me as I headed toward my home. Thoughts of growing up in the woods of Iowa, my tough, calloused feet – so tough I could run on gravel without blinking. We had cats that were mousers and the ultimate source of entertainment for me and my sisters. Our dog, Doc, was a beautiful full bred collie who protected and played with us. As fond memory after fond memory touched my heart, I realized the simplicity of my growng up years up seemed so distant. There were things in my childhood that I didn’t notice then, but I remember and long for now. It also served as a reminder to keep the simple things close and in perspective, because you never know when they won’t be around.

So here’s my list of things that I love, that bring comfort or that achingly beautiful feeling to my heart that is so hard do put into words. I’d love to hear any of your memories or simple things that you hold dear.

~Fireflies. A nice, cool dip in a crick. The creepy old homestead that my sisters and I tried to explore once. Never being afraid of climbing a tree. Watching an obscene amount of musicals during summers off with my sisters. Knowing how to play badminton and croquet. Playing basketball. The summer I attempted to play the saxophone. The dresses my mom made for us girls for Easter. My dad taking the time to teach me how to throw a football. Holding the hand of someone I care about. A sincere hug. Spontaneous, combustible laughter with friends. Almost any quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Dumb and Dumber or Dodgeball. Having someone really ‘get’ you. Sunshine on my face. The smell of earth after rain. Jumping in puddles.~

Grew up near an old homstead like this. Ahh the memories... and the feeling of abject teorror...

4 thoughts on “The Simple Things

    1. Ha ha I didn’t go with Bobo…. I went to Morp with someone else. Bobo was prom. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Loved this post! Childhood memories are so special when they are from a safe, loving place. And yes, I can enjoy any good city, but I am through and through a small town girl!

    Memories I love: the smell of pine and the sounds of mountain gravel/dirt under my boots. Standing in my horse’s stall while waiting out the rain. Playing in cool mountain creeks. Falling asleep with my dog as my pillow on a summer afternoon


  2. Wonderful post – thanks for “taking me back” – horse back riding in the woods, picnics on the grass, swinging from a tree branch and landing in the pond, lieing in the grass and watching the clouds, listening to the trees with the wind – I could go on for quite a while.


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