The Beauty in Loss

I know, I know. Kind of a depressing title. But this past week, I’ve once again discovered that there is so much truth in those words. Some times it’s difficult to see beauty in the difficulties that hit us in life.

In the past week I’ve had several friends experience loss. They’ve all been beautiful through the shock of this experience but I know it hasn’t been easy. While I can’t look them in the eye and say ‘I know exactly how you feel’, I can say I’ve experienced loss.  It’s been that some times it’s taken a while to see beauty in it.

Beauty in loss is experiencing the comforting arms of Jesus when you least expect it.

Beauty in loss is seeing friends who are hurting as much as you are reach out and bless you in unexpected ways.

Beauty in loss is when you’re hurting but you still give out of your need to help others.

It’s seeing a community knit together. They support and encourage each other to seek the Lord’s face and what step He might have next for them.

It’s learning how to simplify life. Needs versus wants. The things in life that can really be cherished. Maybe a game night with family or friends. Exploring the city, town, or community where you’re at to see what fun things you can do for free. (This is especially helpful when you live in CO but I know there are amazing places in other parts of the country to explore.) Taking time to visit friends and have a home cooked meal instead of eating out.

Beauty in loss is seeing the people that Jesus has put in your life (whether they drive you nuts, push you to the limit or shower you in love) and knowing that despite circumstances He has purpose for you in those lives. And purpose for those lives to work in you.

In reading back over this, it sounds super spiritual and gooey nice, but this comes from times of deep disappointment in my own life. In between the beauty that the Lord offers in the midst of hurt and unmet expectations, I’ve shown Him a lot of ugliness. A mind full of rebellion. A heart of nastiness. I own that fully and completely. And I’m thankful that He’s stayed with me, been faithful when I haven’t. He’s also never been afraid to give me what my friend Kim calls a 2×4 moment when I’ve needed it. I guess I write all of this to encourage my friends who are in the midst of tribulation and pain. Also to remind myself of how amazing the Lord has been to me. To see the blessings in my life for what they are – gifts from Him.

However, there are times when they come in packaging I’d rather not deal with. And that’s okay. Because in my moments of struggle I know He’s with me. He seeks to draw me close to Him. But most of all He looks to show me that in the midst of all loss, disillusionment, and pain – He is the beauty He wants me to see.

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